Mythology in Progress

8th iteration as presented at Manifestation 2017, part of the Dutch Design Week in Netherlands.

Mythology In Progress is an ongoing series of interactive virtual live performances taking place on Facebook. Visitors are presented a virtual environment on which they have limited control through their reactions and comments. The first iteration offered the visitors to control the faith of a virtual plant by sending good or bad energy in its direction. In other words, the visitor is offered a democratic portion of power over the events taking place in real-time. In return, these events become a reflection of the active users. The user and their actions are immortalized in the performance itself. To achieve this, various techniques found in video games such as the Skinner Box are at work to convert the visitor into a participant. Such approach is already in place all over Facebook as it exploits human vulnerabilities to harvest as much “conscious attention” as possible from their users. In this context, the platform acts as a filter limiting our interaction. The oversimplified reaction system is voided of its original meaning and used in a completely different way: forming a metalanguage within Facebook. By constantly reshaping the nature of the experience at every iteration, the artist aims to evaluate the meaning of this virtual interaction and shine a light over a behaviour that is already widespread over social media.

Hours of performance are archived on Facebook, feel free to explore or watch a collection of snippets below.

Screen capture from the 5th iteration of Mythology In Progress on Facebook.