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Galerie Statique

Galerie Statique, 2017, as presented at Vector Festival Galerie Statique is a guided tour through a labyrinth of digital displays illustrating our relation with the virtual realm. In the digital age, many social interactions are performed through digital displays which act as portals transcending dimensions.Through this process, our ways of expression are filtered and influenced

Mythology In Progress

Screen capture from the April 9th 2017 iteration of Mythology In Progress on Facebook. Mythology In Progress is an ongoing series of interactive online performances taking place on Facebook. Visitors are presented a virtual environment on which they have limited control through their reactions and comments. In example, they can help growing a virtual plant


br\che . itération 2 (pylône) . 2017 . 1:56 . 3840x2160p60 Pylône is part of br\che, an on going exploration of the spherical video workflow now available to a broader audience through consumer tech. Shot on the island of Orleans, we are immersed in the middle of an electric pylon corridor connecting the south and

m / m o i r e

m/moire . 2017 . 4:05 . 3840x2160p60 m/moire depicts a surrealistic future in which hardware data storage is a symbolic vestige. An explorer of the digital jungle encounters a human-made totem left behind to document technologies of the past. As the totem unfolds, it opens a portal to a corrupted simulacrum of the human body.

-It's Alright ツ

-It's Alright ツ . 2016 . 1:22 . 4096x2048p60 equirectangular 360 video Music by Based Frequency -It's Alright ツ is a short homage of synthwave and vaporwave in all its virtuality through a VR 360 video. Despite the geographical proximity between the artists, the entirety of this spontaneous collaboration happened online as a mean to


Polytonal is a multimedia sequencer designed to conduct the structure of an installation or a performance by means of a system of temporal and contextual conditions dictated by the artist. The modular layout allows the system to feed an unlimited number of audio and video outputs. The program uses a system combining keywords and power levels


Ludibrium . 2016 . 7:56 . 3840x2160p60 Ludibrium est une installation audio-visuelle qui impose au public un éternel trajet au coeur d’un environnement à la fois dense, anodin et hermétique. Le public prisonnier de cette visite guidée est assujettie à un assemblage saturé d’objets dénaturés rappelant le mouvement baroque. Dans cette relation entre l’environnement et


Angrignon . 2016 . 2:48 . 1920x1080p30 Just like the park of the same name in Montreal, Canada, Angrignon is a junction between nature, urban architecture and transit facilities. The piece explores the juxtaposition of man made structures and natural landscapes through various digital data manipulations. This experimental process establishes a distanciation between the theme


Breach_001 is a VR experience built in Source 2. It’s compatible with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. You can try it on Steam. Set to the ambient music of サイバー ’98, Breach_01 presents the digital sculptures of Elena Romenkova and Daniel Euphrat in a contemplative surrealist world inspired by the Postinternet and Vaporwave

Orb State

Orb State . 2015 . 2:15 . 1920x1080p30 Orb State is a short flight through a surreal environment. As we cross path with an orb in its natural habitat, we witness his collection and its transformation following a cold and spastic rhythm. A machine, represented by the static human hand, conveys the impact of industrial

Night Gallery

Night Gallery . 2015 . 23:51 . 1920x1080p30 . web preview Night Gallery est une installation audio-visuelle immersive réalisée dans le cadre d’une collaboration Montréal-Paris initiée par la curatrice Aleksandra Smilek. Les artistes (Johann Baron Lanteigne, Slo Blo et Smilok) ont travaillé son et image sur une période de dix jours en utilisant Internet comme

Volatile Wednesday

Volatile Wednesday, 2015, 1:16, 1920x1080p30 Volatile Wednesday depicts the ephemeral nature of A/V performance through the documentation of an evening spent designing a short sequence. This brief period spent on the instrument let me express a moment rather than a static concept. The sound composed with a custom grainstrech~ based sampler controlled by jbl8 step


Conifers . 2014 . 4:11 . 1920x800p24 Conifers is an abstract contemplative piece in which a surrealistic landscape morphs into digital iterations of itself along the hypnotic soundscape of Derek Piotr. A single drift introduces the viewer to the scenery through a perception bending collage reminiscent of photographic panoramas. Over the course of the piece,