Angrignon . 2016 . 2:48 . 1920x1080p30

Just like the park of the same name in Montreal, Canada, Angrignon is a junction between nature, urban architecture and transit facilities. The piece explores the juxtaposition of man made structures and natural landscapes through various digital data manipulations.

This experimental process establishes a distanciation between the theme and the medium. The symmetrical and robotic camera work creates an initial barrier disconnecting us from the subject. This feeling is pushed further by the audiovisual digital treatments explored throughout the piece. This process intertwine the different environments in a creative way, sending the viewer into a series of perspective bending transitions mixing datamoshing and sonic distortions thus reminding us of the individual pixels and sound waves forming the bigger picture.

The chaotic result pressured by the accelerating soundtrack reveals the lines and dots behind the landscape. The motion induced in each moment transform the original image of photographic nature, into a more abstract one, with the details reminiscent of traditional painting. The subsequent swift transitions effectively masks this meticulously controlled chaos from the eye. This hidden complexity, only accessible through the separation possible when stopping the video playback and considering one of the 4848 frames, highlights the intricacies of new media art cultures such as glitch art which mostly opens up to its own niche.

The collaboration between video artist Johann Baron Lanteigne and sound designer Eric Neil Johnson happened spontaneously online over the months of July and August 2016. With limited communication between each other, both artists let their raw creative process inspire each other.

Angrignon was presented at Fubar Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.