Conifers . 2014 . 4:11 . 1920x800p24

Conifers is an abstract contemplative piece in which a surrealistic landscape morphs into digital iterations of itself along the hypnotic soundscape of Derek Piotr. A single drift introduces the viewer to the scenery through a perception bending collage reminiscent of photographic panoramas. Over the course of the piece, several digital manipulations remind the viewer of the reality and flatness of a screen. This deconstruction shifts the focal point between the strangeness of the subject and the media itself.

Sound by Derek Piotr.

notable screenings
2016 – Fubar Festival, Zagreb, Croatia
2015 – Tallis Fantasia Trip @ Metaforms, Supynes Festival, Lithuania
2015 – Glitch art is dead Festival, Kraków, Poland