Mythology In Progress

Screen capture from the April 9th 2017 iteration of Mythology In Progress on Facebook.

Mythology In Progress is an ongoing series of interactive online performances taking place on Facebook. Visitors are presented a virtual environment on which they have limited control through their reactions and comments. In example, they can help growing a virtual plant with supernatural energy or force a woman to pray to her digital god. This way, the visitor is offered a democratic portion of power over the events taking place in real time. This approach recycles various techniques found in video games such as the Skinner Box to encourage the visitors to become players. In this context, the platform acts as a filter limiting our interaction. The oversimplified reaction system is voided of its original meaning and used in a completely different way, forming a metalanguage within Facebook. The artist aims to evaluate the meaning of this virtual interaction by immortalizing the user’s identity and its actions within his creation itself.

Over 20 hours of performance are archived on Facebook, feel free to dig.