M O U T H T R I P . 2016 . 2:03 . 3840x2160p60

The digital body: Vulnerable, unstable but also frozen. M O U T H T R I P serves as a flowing force dragging you beneath its digital skin, into the medium itself. We experience a series of heterogeneous transitions through moments that never quite settle down. This exploratory trip is lead by an uninterrupted flight in a dense environment reminiscent of video game cut scenes which blocks all input from the player and force them to witness the events. As a powerless observer, we pull back in the digital wild life as the shell morphs into a crystalline aberration. The soundtrack from the album of the same name by KAGAMI Smile on BLCR Laboratories is a chaotic trip through an organic microcosm: the human body. This abstract, post footwork sound collage superposes saturated digital manipulations of looping samples resulting in a feeling of anxiety along a double presence surrounding us.

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M O U T H T R I P is part of the online museum and touring exhibition ϟℙ∀ℳℳ, curated by Ellectra Radikal & Michaël Borras A.K.A Systaime.

-It's Alright ツ

-It's Alright ツ . 2016 . 1:22 . 4096x2048p60 equirectangular 360 video

Music by Based Frequency

-It's Alright ツ is a short homage of synthwave and vaporwave in all its virtuality through a VR 360 video. Despite the geographical proximity between the artists, the entirety of this spontaneous collaboration happened online as a mean to remain within the traditional boundaries of the genre.

-It's  Alright ツ @based_frequency

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Ludibrium . 2016 . 7:56 . 3840x2160p60

Ludibrium est une installation audio-visuelle qui impose au public un éternel trajet au coeur d’un environnement à la fois dense, anodin et hermétique. Le public prisonnier de cette visite guidée est assujettie à un assemblage saturé d’objets dénaturés rappelant le mouvement baroque.

Dans cette relation entre l’environnement et le spectateur, l’écran limite les sens en jouant le rôle de filtre d’information. Les prises de vue imposent le paradoxe entre le désir des objets à justifier leur rôle malgré leur manque d’utilité. Jeu d’échelle et de perspective, absence de vie et d’interaction, cet espace porte au questionnement de sa propre validité.

Ludibrium est un environnement fluide rendu immuable par le point de vue d’une caméra. Alors que le public est témoin de l’organisation statique de l’infrastructure et de son trajet, les créateurs se sont laissés inspirer par la spontanéité de leur collaboration.
Guidé par l’aléatoire,la prise de risque et la gestion du chaos, cette création à été approché de la même manière qu’un peintre gestuel traite son caneva. C’est avec cet énergie que Clift N. Anthony (Bored Lord) a habité l’environnement le temps d’y coller une trame sonore originale reflétant le contexte post-internet de l’oeuvre grâce à une collaboration virtuelle.

“Ce monde [Disneyland] se veut enfantin pour faire croire que les adultes sont ailleurs, dans le monde “réel”, et pour cacher que la véritable infantilité est partout, et c’est celle des adultes eux-mêmes qui viennent jouer ici à l’enfant pour faire illusion sur leur infantilité réel.”
Jean Baudrillard

Entrevue sur Creators avec Masha Koblyakova

visuals by Baron Baron (Ganesh Baron Aloir et Johann Baron Lanteigne)
music by Bored Lord


Angrignon . 2016 . 2:48 . 1920x1080p30

Just like the park of the same name in Montreal, Canada, Angrignon is a junction between nature, urban architecture and transit facilities. The piece explores the juxtaposition of man made structures and natural landscapes through various digital data manipulations.

This experimental process establishes a distanciation between the theme and the medium. The symmetrical and robotic camera work creates an initial barrier disconnecting us from the subject. This feeling is pushed further by the audiovisual digital treatments explored throughout the piece. This process intertwine the different environments in a creative way, sending the viewer into a series of perspective bending transitions mixing datamoshing and sonic distortions thus reminding us of the individual pixels and sound waves forming the bigger picture.

The chaotic result pressured by the accelerating soundtrack reveals the lines and dots behind the landscape. The motion induced in each moment transform the original image of photographic nature, into a more abstract one, with the details reminiscent of traditional painting. The subsequent swift transitions effectively masks this meticulously controlled chaos from the eye. This hidden complexity, only accessible through the separation possible when stopping the video playback and considering one of the 4848 frames, highlights the intricacies of new media art cultures such as glitch art which mostly opens up to its own niche.

The collaboration between video artist Johann Baron Lanteigne and sound designer Eric Neil Johnson happened spontaneously online over the months of July and August 2016. With limited communication between each other, both artists let their raw creative process inspire each other.

Angrignon was presented at Fubar Festival in Zagreb, Croatia.


Breach_001 is a VR experience built in Source 2. It’s compatible with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. You can try it on Steam.

Set to the ambient music of サイバー ’98, Breach_01 presents the digital sculptures of Elena Romenkova and Daniel Euphrat in a contemplative surrealist world inspired by the Postinternet and Vaporwave movements.

Sneak peek of my first VR environment. Featuring the work of new aestheticians #elenaromenkova and #danieleuphrat

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Part two. #VR #newaesthetic #glitch #digitalart

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Part 3. Sound by LILLITH. #VR #newaesthetic #vaporwave

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