Project Type: 2016

-It's Alright ツ

-It's Alright ツ . 2016 . 1:22 . 4096x2048p60 equirectangular 360 video Music by Based Frequency -It's Alright ツ is a short homage of synthwave and vaporwave in all its virtuality through a VR 360 video. Despite the geographical proximity between the artists, the entirety of this spontaneous collaboration happened online as a mean to


Polytonal is a multimedia sequencer designed to conduct the structure of an installation or a performance by means of a system of temporal and contextual conditions dictated by the artist. The modular layout allows the system to feed an unlimited number of audio and video outputs. The program uses a system combining keywords and power levels


Ludibrium . 2016 . 7:56 . 3840x2160p60 Ludibrium est une installation audio-visuelle qui impose au public un éternel trajet au coeur d’un environnement à la fois dense, anodin et hermétique. Le public prisonnier de cette visite guidée est assujettie à un assemblage saturé d’objets dénaturés rappelant le mouvement baroque. Dans cette relation entre l’environnement et


Angrignon . 2016 . 2:48 . 1920x1080p30 Just like the park of the same name in Montreal, Canada, Angrignon is a junction between nature, urban architecture and transit facilities. The piece explores the juxtaposition of man made structures and natural landscapes through various digital data manipulations. This experimental process establishes a distanciation between the theme


Breach_001 is a VR experience built in Source 2. It’s compatible with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. You can try it on Steam. Set to the ambient music of サイバー ’98, Breach_01 presents the digital sculptures of Elena Romenkova and Daniel Euphrat in a contemplative surrealist world inspired by the Postinternet and Vaporwave