Project Type: 2017

Galerie Statique

Galerie Statique, 2017, as presented at Vector Festival Galerie Statique is a guided tour through a labyrinth of digital displays illustrating our relation with the virtual realm. In the digital age, many social interactions are performed through digital displays which act as portals transcending dimensions.Through this process, our ways of expression are filtered and influenced

Mythology In Progress

Screen capture from the April 9th 2017 iteration of Mythology In Progress on Facebook. Mythology In Progress is an ongoing series of interactive online performances taking place on Facebook. Visitors are presented a virtual environment on which they have limited control through their reactions and comments. In example, they can help growing a virtual plant


br\che . itération 2 (pylône) . 2017 . 1:56 . 3840x2160p60 Pylône is part of br\che, an on going exploration of the spherical video workflow now available to a broader audience through consumer tech. Shot on the island of Orleans, we are immersed in the middle of an electric pylon corridor connecting the south and

m / m o i r e

m/moire . 2017 . 4:05 . 3840x2160p60 m/moire depicts a surrealistic future in which hardware data storage is a symbolic vestige. An explorer of the digital jungle encounters a human-made totem left behind to document technologies of the past. As the totem unfolds, it opens a portal to a corrupted simulacrum of the human body.