Single Channel Equirectangular Video, 2017

Pylône is part of br\che, an on going exploration of the spherical video workflow now available to a broader audience through consumer tech. Shot on the island of Orleans, we are immersed in the middle of an electric pylon corridor connecting the south and north shore of the Saint Lawrence river in Quebec.

The footage is manipulated to reveal its true nature; an empty sphere upholstered by equirectangular projections attempting to simulate the real world. Giant human hands disturb this landscape collage to break reality into abstraction. This greater force is here to disrupt and reveal the limits of this intermediary medium that is 360 video.

Créée en Juin 2017, cette oeuvre a été assemblée avec le contenu créé lors d’une résidence de création chez La Bande Vidéo en Avril-Mai 2017.